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At the moment we are unable to automatically create the welcome messages or the folders when a new mailbox is created. For reference the text is below:

As this is the first time you have logged in to your
email account by IMAP we have created some special
folders for you, these are:

We have also sent you seperate emails with a description
of what the folders are used for, you will see these in
your Inbox.

You can delete these folders if you like, but they are
there to help the servers deal with your spam.

Messages which the system has marked as spam will be placed
in to the spam folder rather than your inbox. -this helps 
keep your inbox free of spam. 

You should keep an eye on this folder in case there are messages
that are not spam. -if you do find such messages, then move then
to the learnham folder which is in your Inbox.

If you delete the spam folder, then spam messages will go to 
your Inbox folder instead.

You can access your email by webmail as well as from an
email client. point your browser at:

For more information about the email service, please see:

Do let us know if you have any questions.

Our spam checking system performs many checks on a
message to decide whether it is spam or not. One of the
checks it can do, is to compare the message with previous
messages. -this is called Bayesian Learning.

You don't need to teach the system about your email, but
if you are finding that some email is being wrongly
classified, then you can try teaching the system.

The special spam folders (spam, leanspam, and learnham)
are folders that you can move messages in to so as to help
the Bayesian system deal with your email.

If you have a message which is spam, but the system
has not marked as spam, then you can move the message to 
your spam folder. This will get learnt as it's moved.

You can also move the message in to the learnspam folder
for it to get learnt overnight, it will then be moved 
back to your spam folder once learnt.

If you have a message that has been marked as spam, but
is  not a spam message, then you can do move it out 
of the spam folder and in to your Inbox and it will be
learnt as it's moved.

If the message is not in your spam folder, then you can move
it in to your learnspam folder for it to get learnt overnight,
it will then be moved to your Inbox once learnt.

Do let us know if you have any questions.