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Do the ppp ifconfig directly, rather than using the menu
m (TG582n, not TG482n)
m (Do the ppp ifconfig directly, rather than using the menu)
=Switch PPP over to use this new interface=
One can't '''ppp ifconfig''' an interface which is administratively up, so one has to bring it down first:
:ppp ifdetach intf=Internet
:ppp ifconfig intf=Internet dest=eth_WAN mru=1492
:ppp menu
Select ''ifconfig'' and enter ''Internet'' as ''intf''. Change ''dest'' to ''eth_WAN'' and then ''OK'' out of the menu.
Then bring PPP back up:
:ppp ifattach intf=Internet
One can simply switch the ''dest'' field between ''atm_Internet'' and ''eth_WAN'' to change between internal and external modem.
The ''mru'' field sets the maximum received unit (the receiving equivalent of ''mtu''), and will probably need to be 1492 with
an external modem and 1500 with the internal modem.
=Get the front panel LEDs working correctly=


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