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Getting CQM Graphs
'''CHAOS ''' is our API - it's still work in progress, and further features will be added.
==CHAOS Version 1==
Version version 1 is still no longer available for use, but we suggest that you update your systems to use . Use version 2. Version 1 will be removed from our systems at some point in the near futureinstead.
==CHAOS Version 2.x==
CHAOS is an application interface (API) for machine to machine interaction with our control and ordering systems. It provides a means to perform the following key operations:-
*Access information about an existing service, eg your remaining quota
*Adjust settings on an existing service
*Obtain usage data relating to an existing service
*Check availability of new services
*Order a new service, including creating a new account
The control systems cover a wide range of services, including broadband, ethernet, telephony, domains, email, mobile SIMs, and so on.
[[Category:Control Pages]]
=Getting CQM Graphs=
We have a page on the control pages which you can use to get the Graphs related to a login:

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