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With webmail you can access your email from anywhere with a web browser, all you'll need is your email address and password. AAISP provide the RoundCube client. (SquirrelMail was removed in December 2017)
To access go to ''''''
==LoginLog pageout afterwards==
:[[File:Email-webmail-login.png|none|400px|thumb|Webmail Login Page]]
'''Log out afterwards'''
You should always logout after using webmail so as to make sure that nobody else using the same computer will be able to access your email.
*A limit on the number of times you can send the same message per login session (10) - a 'Failed to send message.' message will appear if this happens
*A limit on sending message (20 seconds between sending)
SquirrelMail looks like this:
:[[File:Email-squirrelmail-interface.png|none|400px|thumb|SquirrelMail interface]]
Using Squirrelmail should be self-explanatory, however there are some (brief) instruction on the [ SquirrelMail website].
==Help with Other Email Features==
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