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Explain the challenges of reading /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
Supervisor password:
The B10B has an autogenerated supervisor password (hashed from the serial number). Earlier models left a md5crypt type hash in /etc/passwd, however firmware AAVF.10 introducedchanged theseto beinga SHA-512 type hash stored in /etc/shadow. YouPrior mayto havefirmware someAAVF.10 successyou readingwill thisbe fileable to read /etc/passwd by logging into the router as the "admin" user via SSH or Telnet. With firmware AAVF.10 and later you would have to log in as the supervisor user - but you'd need to know the password.... You willwould need to crack the hash (ege.g. with hashcat), the password will be 8 characters long using characters 0-9,a-f (lower case)
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