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B10B Factory Reset

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"save_default clean" needs to be run from zycli
==Reset to the ZyXEL Factory Settings==
To erase the default AAISP settings, the 'ROM-D' file needs to be cleared, this is done via the CLI (Telnet or SSH) using the supervisor user (see above) and then issuing the <syntaxhighlight inline enclose="none" lang="bash">zycli save_default clean</syntaxhighlight> command.
Here is an example:
Login: supervisor
Password: [your adminsupervisor password]
> zycli save_default clean
ROM-D cleaned.
At this point you canshould reset the router for this to be applied - by holding in the reset button for 5 seconds. The router will then boot up in its original factory settings without any of the AAISP configuration settings. You can reset the router by holding in the reset button for 5 seconds.
In this state, the router has ZyXEL's default IP address, username and password.

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