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__NOTOC__<indicator name="L2TP">[[File:Menu-L2TP.svg|link=:Category:L2TP|30px|Back up to the L2TP Category]]</indicator>
[[Category:Incoming L2TP]]
* Some SNOM phones support adding an L2TP firmware patch that gives the phone the ability to connect to a L2TP server.
* This can help bypass firewalls and NAT/CGNAT which can cause problems with VoIP.
* The config files need to be put in a .tar file hosted on a webserver for the SNOM to fetch.
* Further details are on the SNOM website: https://service.snom.com/display/wiki/Install+and+configure+L2TP+on+Snom+Deskphones
== Example config files: ==
Below is config to connect to our L2TP service.
* '''We do not recommend using our normal L2TP service on a SNOM due to the risks involved in having a SNOM on the internet in this way.'''
* Be aware though that this will mean the SNOM is on a public IP address and open to the internet and not behind a firewall. A hacker could gain access to the SNOM by guessing your password and could then run up your telephone bill, or worse.
* If you decide to use this as an option, be sure to have very secure http/admin username/passwords on your phone.
* At some point A&A may offer a service that allows the SNOM to connect to a protected, private, network which only has access to the VoIP servers.
* You may adapt the config to connect to your own L2TP server, eg if you have your own FireBrick.
<syntaxhighlight lang="shell">
[lac l2tp_connection]
lns =
ppp debug = yes
pppoptfile = /l2tp/options.xl2tpd
connect-delay 5000
name <USERNAME@a.X>
password <PASSWORD>

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