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With webmail you can access your email from anywhere with a web browser, all you'll need is your email address and password. AAISP provide 2the webmailRoundCube clients:client. (SquirrelMail was removed in December 2017)
To access go to '''https://webmail.aa.net.uk'''
'''==Log out afterwards'''==
Roundcube is a more 'modern' client, where as SquirrelMail is simpler and more lightweight.
You can use either of them, take a look and see which you prefer.
To access go to mail.your-domain
For example, if your domain is testing.me.uk, then the URL would be https://mail.testing.me.uk
==Login page:==
:[[File:Email-webmail-login.png|none|400px|thumb|Webmail Login Page]]
You can use either, simply use your email address and password to login.
'''Log out afterwards'''
You should always logout after using webmail so as to make sure that nobody else using the same computer will be able to access your email.
By using webmail, you are connecting to your email by using IMAP - this means that your email stays on the server, and can then be seen by your usual email program.
If your usual email program uses POP3 then that usually means that your email program downloads email from our servers and they are then removed from the server - in this case the only email that you'll see on webmail would be emails that havnhaven't yet been seen by your email program.
We would suggest that you use IMAP on all your email programs, this way all your folders and emails will be seen by all your email programs and webmail.
AsIn of'Desktop; October 2012view, the RouncubeRoundcube interface looks like this:
:[[File:Email-rouncube-interface.png|none|400px|thumb|Roundcube interface]]
From January 2017, If you are using a tablet or smartphone device then it will show a 'mobile view'. This is a simpler layout that is easier to use on a smaller screen. You can switch back to the Desktop view in via the menu on the right.
:[[File:EmailRoundcube-webmail-loginmobile.png|none|400px200px|thumb|WebmailSimpler LoginMobile PageVIew]]
There are some nice features of Roundcube that may not be apparent straight away, such as:
*Keyboard short-cuts (see the keyboard icon in the centre for details)
*Ability to add multiple identities (under the settings)
*The address book has a 'Global Addresses' Group - this is a domain-wide address book that anyone in your domain can add/edit.
*(2017) Uses a mobile-friendly 'skin' for mobile devices.
===Further Help===
There are someis further instructionshelp on the [http://tracdocs.roundcube.net/wikidoc/help/1.1/en_US/User_Guide_EN Roundcube websiteDocumentation Site].
===Security Features===
[[File:Dovecot-error.png|thumb|Failed to Send message]]
To limit spam/abuse, there are a few limitations:
*A limit on the number of recipients per email (100)
*A limit on the number of times you can send the same message per login session (10) - a 'Failed to send message.' message will apearappear if this happens
*A limit on sending message (3020 seconds between sending)
SquirrelMail looks like this:
:[[File:Email-squirrelmail-interface.png|none|400px|thumb|SquirrelMail interface]]
Using Squirrelmail should be self-explanatory, however there are some (brief) instruction on the [http://squirrelmail.org/docs/user/user.html SquirrelMail website].
==Help with Other Email Features:==
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