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Help in setting up your email program, configure mailboxes, aliases etc...
With most DSL lines a .uk domain is included for free - with this you can have email too. We also provide email services to anyone, so a DSL line is not required to make use of our email services.
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Once the domain is set up on the systems, new [[Mailboxes]] can be created...
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-cog.svg|link=Email Settings|title=Generic Email Settings|text=Generic email settings for sending and receiving email with AAISP. Look here for all the server settings}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-email.svg|link=:Category:Email Clients|title=Email Clients|text=Help in setting up specific Email Program, eg Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail, iPhone etc...}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-question.svg|link=:Category:Email How to|title=How to|text=Example configurations using our email services}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-emailadd.svg|link=:Category:Email_Features|title=Email Features|text=Help with adding Mailboxes, creating aliases, sieve filters, setting spam settings and so on}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-question.svg|link=POP3 Tips|title=POP3 Tips|text=Important information for POP3 users, especially regarding how spam messages can be viewed}}
{{AAMenu|img=menu-links.svg|link=|title=Other Help Pages|text=*[[Sending Email Errors]]
There are two sides to email services that we offer, sending and receiving.
[[File:aa-button.png|link=|Domain Service page on our main website]]
==General Email Settings==
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!colspan="3"|Outgoing email settings (Sending email) [[Sending Email|Read more...]]
|This is the server used for sending email from you to anyone else.
|25, 587
|25 is default. Use 587 if 25 is blocked by your ISP. You can also use SSL and TLS
|If you are sending from outside an AAISP connection, then you will need to use your mailbox username and password to authenticate.
!colspan="3"|Incoming email settings (Receiving email) [[Receiving Email|Read more...]]
|We recommend IMAP but you can also use POP3. IMAP is ideal when using many computers/phones to access email. [[POP3_or_IMAP_(What's_the_Difference)|Read more here]].
|This is the server used for retrieving email. Use your domain name (part after the @) followed by
|This is the username to use when getting email and is just your email address. This can also be used as an outgoing mail username if you need one. (Case sensitive)
|The password you set on the mailbox. (Case sensitive)
'''More Help with: [[Sending Email]] or [[Receiving Email]]'''
==Creating a Mailbox==
See: [[Create a Mailbox]]
==Help Me Setup My Email Program==
Please see the links below for other pages relating to [[:Category:Email Clients|Email Clients]], it includes setting up common programs and devices for sending email.
*[[POP3 or IMAP (What's the Difference)]]
*[[tertiary-mx|A&A as a backup email server]]}}

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