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[[File:aa-button.png|link=http://aa.net.uk/support.html|Support page on our main website]]
===ADSL Faults===
=We have a specific page for [[ADSL Faults=]].
We have a specific page for [[:Category:ADSL Faults]].
=Status Page=
We know it is obvious but please do check power is on to the [[FTTC Modem|Openreach modem]] and your router, that the modem is connected to the phone line, and that it actually has lights on. It is usually worth trying a simple power cycle (turn off, wait 30 seconds, turn on) to see if that clears a problem. This is not something that should be needed routinely, but always worth a try as the first step if you have a fault.
The FTTC service is supplied with an [[FTTC Modem|Openreach modem]], if the modem looks faulty - ege.g.: No power, DSL light is off, then contact us as this usually means there is a fault.
You can also try connecting to the Internet with just a PC plugged in to the Openreach modem. This will eliminate the router that you are using and will help pinpoint the problem. You can create a new PPPoE connection using the settings:
*PPPoE Service Name = Blank
*PPPoE username = as supplied, ege.g. x@a.1
*PPPoE password = as supplied
If you login all ok, then the fault may be with the router that you are using. See: [[PPPoE on a Computer|help in setting up a PPPoE connection on a computer]].
Connect a normal telephone to the line and confirm you get dial tone. Dial 17070 from the phone - this reads back the phone number. Check this is the right number for your broadband (i.e. you have found the right phone line). Key 2 for option 2 which is a quiet line test and listen for any crackles, pops, clicks, etc. If you find a problem with the phone line in any way then you need to report to your telephone service provider. The phone line has to be fixed and working before any broadband fault can be addressed. Fixing the phone line normally resolves any broadband issues.
It is possible that a phone line fault could be caused by some work on the line regarding the broadband service, such as a migration, could have caused a fault in the phone line. ege.g., an openreach engineer in the exchange may have made a mistake which caused the phone line itself to break. Unfortunately, even in these cases, if the phone line is faulty then the phone line provider will still need to be contacted and a fault reported to them. If AAISP are the phone line provider then do get in touch, if the phone line provider is BT, then a fault can be reported [https://www.bt.com/faults online] or by calling them.
==Step 3: Swap Shop==
There are various tools and diagnostics that are available via the Control Pages, please see:
*[[CQM Graphs]]
*[[Line_DiagnosticsLine Diagnostics]]
*[http://clueless.aa.net.uk/congestion.cgi Congestion Report] - If you have a slow speed fault, see if it's a wider issue.
These may help say whether the fault it likely to be at the customer side or the phone line side

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