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This page is here to help customers in changing their (and our) configuration when moving VoIP platforms. We'd like customers to move to the V platform.


Over the years we have used and developed a number of VoIP platforms. As a result, some customers are on 'legacy' platforms and should move to the current platform.

AAISP SIP Platforms
Platform Status Information
V (Voiceless) Current Uses a pool of FireBricks, a pool of RADIUS and Voicemail servers. Supports NAT well. Supports IPv6. See the VoIP configuration page for settings.
C Deprecated

Retirement: 2015-03-02

Our own software platform. Does not support NAT too well.

The platforms have pretty much the same feature set and they use the same control pages

Benefits of the 'Voiceless' Platform

Here are some benefits, there are more though!

  • More resilient - we have multiple servers, and plan to have multiple servers in multiple datacentres
  • There are more features on Voiceless
  • IPv6 is supported
  • Easier for AAISP to support
  • The old platforms will be retired, so you'll need to move anyway
  • New features are being added to Voiceless that are not being added to the legacy platforms

What Platform Are you On?

The control page will say which platform your VoIP numbers are on. Generally speaking though, if your configuration is using voiceless.aa.net.uk as the registration server then you'll be using Voiceless, if you are not using voiceless.aa.net.uk then you'd want to move...

Changing to use the Voiceless Platform

There are a number of scenarios that you may be in. Find the relevant one below for details (See the 'General Notes' at the bottom of this section too):

I have a SIP Phone on the C platform

You will need to change the registration details used in the phone. Typically these would be as described on VoIP Phones - Generic Client, but you may find more specific details relating to your phone on this page: Category:VoIP Phones

Generally, you will need to:

  1. Log in to your phone's web interface
  2. Change the registrar to be: voiceless.aa.net.uk
  3. If set, remove a 'proxy' setting

Once your phone has registered, the Control Page will show that the Platform is now 'V'. Do test making inbound and outbound calls. Re-registering on the old system will not move you back, so it might be best to make the change during support hours if switching a phone to Voiceless for the first time.

I am only using the 'also ring' feature

In this case, you have a number with us but it is simply forwarding calls on to another number - be that another AA number or an external number. You will need to:

  1. Log in to the Control Page.
  2. Click on the Number
  3. Set the Platform to V, and Save
  4. Test an incoming call

I am using 'SIP to my Server'

In this case, you have your own VoIP server and on the Control Pages you have set details for 'To your server'. You will need to:

  1. Configure us to send calls to you FROM the 'Voiceless' Platform:
    1. Log in to the Control Page.
    2. Click on the Number
    3. Set the Platform to V, and Save
    4. Test an incoming call
  2. Configure your server to send calls to our 'Voiceless' Platform
    1. Generally, change your configuration to send to voiceless.aa.net.uk
    2. The wiki page: Category:VoIP Phones may have more details in setting up the specific server that you have (VoIP Phones - Asterisk if you're running Asterisk)

General Notes

  • If you are using the Lockdown feature and start using IPv6, then you may need to update the Lockdown IP address/range.
  • It is also worth reviewing your VoIP Security settings and options.