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AAISP can provide DATA SIMs, these will give you a 'real' internet connection from your mobile device, or used in a suitable router as a backup to your main Internet service.

An AAISP SIM will have real, fixed, IPv4 IP addresses, and we can fallback your usual IPv4 blocks to the SIM in the even of your main broadband connection going down. Tunneled IPv6 is supported too, and we can even route the data to your own L2TP server, including to a FireBrick 2500/2700 on your LAN, so then mobile devices are connected directly to your LAN.


Data SIM Features & Info

Further information and help about our Data SIMs



Data SIMs usually just work, but see this section for help on general configuring information as well as device specific settings.


L2TP Handover

If you happen to run your own LNS/L2TP server router, optionally, we can pass the SIM directly on to you.


Control Page Settings

Help about what options are available from the Control Pages for data SIMs


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