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IPv6 on AAISP Broadband

This is how we route and assign IPv6 on DSL connections.

Customers are allocated a /48 block of addresses - this is usually per customer, and so a customer with multiple circuits or sites will have a /64 allocated from the larger /48 block. A /48 contains 65536 /64's and a /64 subnet is 18 million trillion addresses.

(Here, CPE refers to the router belonging to the customer which is being used at their end of the broadband line.)

When the CPE logs in and negotiates PPP we use IPV6CP to assign an IPv6 'WAN' address. This address is a single IPv6 address in the form of:

2001:8b0:1111:1111:0:ffff:[your IPv4 WAN in HEX]

At this point we will also be routing any IPv6 blocks to this WAN address. Usually a line will have at least one /64 block.

We also respond to DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD) from the CPE and we'll tell the CPE one of the /64 Blocks. -this may be requested multiple times by the CPE.

The CPE will also assign itself a Link Local address in the form of FE80::, and will be based on the MAC address of the interface.

General IPv6 Settings

IPv6 is normally automatic. If your DSL/PPPoE router supports IPv6 properly it will obtain an address for itself, and for allocation to devices on your LAN automatically when it connects using DHCPv6.

6over4 gateway If configuring your network to tunnel IPv6 traffic over IPv4, use as a gateway. You can also use the standard 192.88.99.X block as a gateway if using 2002:: prefix address space based on your IPv4 addresses.
IPv6 address As advised You can use any address space from the block assigned to you. You can also use 2002:: prefix space using any of your IPv4 address space. All of these addresses will be accepted from your line whether native IPv6 in PPP or tunneled over IPv4. Other source addresses will not be accepted. The router address and prefix delegation can be obtained by the router using DHCPv6 over PPP.
DNS 2001:8b0::2020 2001:8b0::2021 These are our customer facing DNS resolvers for IPv6 use. The DNS servers can be obtained by your router using DHCPv6 over PPP.

Assigning Additional IPv6 Blocks

Additional /64 or /60 blocks can be assigned from the Control Pages:

Click to Access the Control Pages

Accessing This Feature

Access is via the Control Pages as follows:

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the line you want to add a block to
  3. Click The Add /64 or Add/60 button
  4. The block will start routing when your router next logs in

Assign new IPv6 blocks buttons on the Control Pages

The new block will be routed to your router (once your router has reconnected to AAISP), you will then have to allow the new block through any firewall you have, and then route the new block appropriately on your local network.