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Our VoIP service has many features, not all are obvious at first, so do let us know if you have any questions! Nearly all features are available by default for no extra cost. Below are pages with help with using our control pages to set up your phones to work how you like, ring groups, recording, voicemail etc...


How to

Example configurations using our VoIP services


Voicemail, IVR & Recording

Our voicemail system supports various options from simple voicemail to announcements to Menu's (press 1 for x, 2 for y) and more. Find out more


Transferring & Redirecting

Information on transferring calls between handsets and redirecting calls elsewhere


Caller Display

Information about showing the caller's number/name etc on incoming calls


Ring Groups

Information on setting a number to ring more than one phone


Time Profiles

Time profiles can be used to control when sets of phones ring or go to voicemail etc


SIP Trunks

SIP trunks are supported by default, more details on this page


Logs and Call Records

Information on Call records and the logging available


Firewall and Security

Information on securing your VoIP device and details on our recommended firewall settings


Special Codes & Numbers

There are a number of special codes and numbers that can be called from an A&A SIP account.


Other Technical Information

More information about our VoIP system


Location Information

You should configure your location on the control pages for emergency services

VoIP/Telecoms Service page on our main website