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|[[VoIP Phones - Yealink|Yealink]]
|[[VoIP Phones - Yealink|Yealink]]
|[[VoIP Phones - SNOM Meeting Point|SNOM Meeting Point]]
|[[VoIP Phones - SNOM Meeting Point|SNOM Meeting Point]]
|[[VoIP Phones - Panasonic KX-TGP600|Panasonic KX-TGP600]]
!rowspan=4|Software Phones:
!rowspan=4|Software Phones:

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Here are details of VoIP Phones that we have tested with the AAISP VoIP service. The notes and examples here will also be useful to customers using a FireBrick as their SIP PBX too.

Telecoms page on our main website

Generic: ALT=Generic Client
Generic Instructions
Hardware Phones: ALT=Snom M9r ALT=Snom 3xx ALT=Snom 7xx ALT=Linksys ALT=Gigaset 700 and 900 ALT=Gigaset N300
SNOM M9r (IPv6!) SNOM 3xx Series SNOM 7xx Series Linksys Gigaset 700/900 (IPv6!) Gigaset DECT
ALT=Grandstream Polycom.png ALT=Cisco7xxx Series Yealink Phone Snom mp.png
Grandstream Polycom Cisco 7 series Yealink SNOM Meeting Point Panasonic KX-TGP600
Software Phones: Counterpathlogo.png Counterpathlogo.png 3cx.png Linphone.jpg Android CSipSimple Client
Bria 3 Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png x-Lite Apple.png Windows.png 3cx Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png Linphone Linux.png Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png IPv6! CSipSimple Androidlogo.png sipML5
Jitsi Linux.png Apple.png Windows.png Zoiper Acrobits Androidlogo.png Apple.png
Phone Systems: FireBrick Asterisk logo.png Fslogo.png Freepbx logo.png
FireBrick IPv6! Asterisk IPv6! Freeswitch FreePBX IPv6!
Routers: FireBrick BT HomeHub FritzBox Draytek
FireBrick IPv6! BT HomeHub FritzBox Draytek
Smart Phones & Tablets: 3cx.png ALT=Android SIP
3cx Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png Android (IPv6!)
Other Devices: ALT=Sipura Ciscospa-89.png ALT=Protalk Door Entry Phone
Sipura Cisco SPA Protalk Door Entry

Other VoIP Categories

In addition to the pages below, we have these other top-level VoIP Categories on the wiki: <ncl style=bullet maxdepth=1 headings=bullet headstart=2 showcats=1 showarts=0>Category:VoIP</ncl>

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