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|[[File:AcrobitsLogo.png|120px|link=VoIP Phones - Acrobits|Acrobits]]
|[[File:AcrobitsLogo.png|120px|link=VoIP Phones - Acrobits|Acrobits]]
|[[File:MicroSIP Logo.png|120px|link=VoIP Phones - microSIP|microSIP]]
|[[File:MicroSIP Logo.png|120px|link=VoIP Phones - microSIP|microSIP]]
|[[File:Sessiontalk.png|120px|link=VoIP Phones - SessionTalk SIP|SessionTalk SIP]]
|[[File:Sessiontalk.png|150px|link=VoIP Phones - SessionTalk SIP|SessionTalk SIP]]

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Here are details of VoIP Phones that we have tested with the AAISP VoIP service. The notes and examples here will also be useful to customers using a FireBrick as their SIP PBX too.

  • Registrar: ( is an unsupported alternative if you need to force the use of IPv6)
  • Proxy: Leave blank
  • Domain:
  • Authentication Username: Your Number in International format, e.g. +441234567890
  • Password: Your SIP Password (which needs to be set via the control pages)

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Hardware Phones: ALT=Snom M9r ALT=Snom 3xx ALT=Snom 7xx ALT=Linksys ALT=Gigaset 700 and 900 ALT=Gigaset N300
SNOM M9r (IPv6!) SNOM 3xx Series (some IPv6) SNOM 7xx Series Linksys Gigaset 700/900 (IPv6!) Gigaset DECT
ALT=Grandstream Polycom.png ALT=Cisco7xxx Series Yealink Phone Snom mp.png
Grandstream Polycom Cisco 7 series Yealink SNOM Meeting Point Panasonic KX-TGP600
Software Phones: Counterpathlogo.png Counterpathlogo.png 3cx.png Linphone.jpg Android CSipSimple Client
Bria 3 Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png x-Lite Apple.png Windows.png 3cx Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png Linphone Linux.png Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png IPv6! CSipSimple Androidlogo.png IPv6? sipML5
Jitsi.png Zoiper.png Acrobits microSIP SessionTalk SIP
Jitsi Linux.png Apple.png Windows.png Zoiper Acrobits Androidlogo.png Apple.png microSIP Windows.png
Phone Systems: FireBrick Asterisk logo.png Fslogo.png Freepbx logo.png 3cx-pbx.png
FireBrick IPv6! Asterisk IPv6! Freeswitch FreePBX IPv6! 3CX PBX
Routers: FireBrick BT HomeHub FritzBox Draytek Vmg8825-b50b.png
FireBrick IPv6! BT HomeHub FritzBox Draytek Zyxel VMG Router
Smart Phones & Tablets: 3cx.png ALT=Android SIP
3cx Androidlogo.png Apple.png Windows.png Android (IPv6!)
Other Devices: ALT=Sipura Ciscospa-89.png ALT=Protalk Door Entry Phone Grandstream HT801.png
Sipura Cisco SPA Protalk Door Entry Grandstream HT8xx ATA IPv6!

Other VoIP Categories

In addition to the pages below, we have these other top-level VoIP Categories on the wiki: <ncl style=bullet maxdepth=1 headings=bullet headstart=2 showcats=1 showarts=0>Category:VoIP</ncl>

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