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CityFibre ONT

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CityFibre ONT
CityFibre ONT installed
CityFibre ONT ports

This page has information about the CityFibre provided ONT - the box that connects the CityFibre fibre connection to your own router. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal, sometimes (mistakenly) called a modem.



There are four LEDs on the CityFibre ONT:

  • LED 1 (Left) – Power, can be Green/Red/Amber
  • LED 2 – Broadband
  • LED 3 – Service
  • LED 4 (Right) - Ethernet

Normal state of the LEDs

When working properly this is the state each light should be in, indicating a good connection/service:

  • Power: Solid Green - Device has booted up ok
  • Broadband: Solid Green - physical connection is established to the fibre
  • Service: Solid Green - Internet service has been established
  • Ethernet: Green - connected to your router


There is no end user access to the ONT's configuration or status pages. There are two things a customer can perform though:

  • Reboot
  • Reset

Reboot the CityFibre ONT

You can pull the power cable, wait a few seconds and plug it back in again. This is safe to do and will mean the ONT reboots and reconnects to the fibre network.

Reset the CityFibre ONT

Use a paperclip, or similar, and hold in the reset switch for 10-15 seconds. This will cause a reboot and factory reset of the ONT.