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DGA0122 QoS

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Many routers have QoS settings where you prioritise types of packets that would get sent out of the router before other types. However, there are no optioned in the web UI of the Technicolor for QoS.

We asked Technicolor about this, and here is their response:

Technicolor spends a lot of effort ensuring the default QoS provides best possible end-user experience. One of the reasons why you may want to prioritise small packets is to work around bufferbloat issues. Where saturated upstream links cause a severe degradation in end user browsing experience. We have already implemented a solution to this, without the need to prioritise all small packets.

In a few lines: - When a traffic stream is over 8 packets, the stream is moved to a lower priority queue. - This frees up the original Queue for new traffic streams to be started. The TCP ack's being under 8 packets are also therefore processed with priority.