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These are steps to set up the Technicolor to registrar to an A&A VoIP service and to use the analogue phone ports on the router for calls.

  1. Log in to the router
  2. Click the 'off' switch in the Telephony box to 'On'
  3. Click the configure 'cog' in the Telephony box.
  4. Click the Edit icon on the right had side for the sample configuration
    1. Set Primary Registrar to: voiceless.aa.net.uk
    2. Set Primary proxy to: voiceless.aa.net.uk (pics below, 'Global Info')
    3. Click Save
  5. Click the 'Phone Numbers' tab at the top
    1. For 'sip_profile_0':
      1. Click 'off' to enable it.
      2. Set username to your phone number, eg +44123456789
      3. Set password to your SIP password
      4. Set DisplayName if you wish
      5. Click Save
      6. The number should then show as registered (pics below)

The VoIP account should now be registered and calls will work by using any of the two analogue telephone ports on the router.

You can configure further things, such as a second VoIP account and set which account uses which phone port etc.