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The A&A email relays, smtp.aa.net.uk, can optionally DKIM sign email that is sent through it.
We use a single public key, and aaisp as the Selector.
Here is an example of what DNS record to add:
Host/name: aaisp._domainkey
Type: TXT
Value: "v=DKIM1; t=y; k=rsa; " "p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAuloXhiatbx0YnrKgS+UL4tZrxcm1rdIxYqWDrs4aMrsFLM4IiSov0McwnFKFCXmo2zqh06OwcRwyMHe4pM+izxUnsMWCRs8BcaAuBhUM+Vbo6qwp5fWjtswaIgwVgJKwY610wg+qfuKM6o2qKc/Hy9Tj" "H5W8D64cSQ7jPCS5xu8CM4Ty/WG1Q7+cLKD1Y3stusqFEX0RFVkcSsvzHNggbDBlWAQCnGeG2+pOoAnfDqSvFvqASCOdjE9HbOZLcFnQRBDiPhegN3BYNWe6leC3SpjI67JNlhcOXAN2sT9m6bTpVFgQHLCnIY4L6TZx/mbpM0xF59kS9VPpYOtl6nQZCQIDAQAB"
If this record exists then messages will then be signed by the AAISP key.
== What if I send email via other mail servers ==