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Data SIM Features

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Our 3G/4G LTE Data SIMS have the following features:

  • Small monthly cost (Usage is on top)
  • Fixed/Static public IPs
  • Additional Routed blocks of IPs
  • Alongside our DSL services, IPs can fallback from the ADSL to the SIM for failover
  • Custom printed cards available
  • Wholesale options (e.g. routing to our own LNS via L2TP)
  • No filtering
  • No blocked ports
  • No NAT
  • 4G LTE enabled as of end of January 2017


Technical details

Data SIMs are provided on a full size SIM card with push out mini-SIM, and within that a push out micro-SIM. We also print the nano-SIM outline. Cutting the Data SIM down is easy but at your own risk (to SIM and mobile device), so we suggest doing so before you activate the Data SIM. Nano SIM cutters are available in the Internet but otherwise small straight bladed nail scissors work well.


The APN need not be set in the UK, if required then set to: 

Username and password are not normally needed unless using as ADSL backup or with corporate L2TP relay (see below).

The IPv4 is allocated automatically. The legacy IP (i.e. our end of PPP link) is usually not meaningful and may show as We can route blocks of IPv4s as well. Full 1500 byte MTU is supported.

The Data SIM only works on 3G or 4G LTE, and is using the Three network. Do check their web site for coverage details.

SIMs can take roughly 30 minutes to suspend or activate from the Control Panel.