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=Other Domain Services=
We have two other services associated with domains:
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==Other Registration related pages==
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==Other DNS related pages==
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If AAISP are running your DNS, then the Nameservers will be:


However, you are free to run your own Authoritative DNS servers for your domain, here is how to set your own Nameservers.

If you have recently transferred in a domain to AAISP you may needing to update the Nameservers to either the AAISP ones or your own ones.

Customers can change the nameservers via the control pages, here is how:

Overview of changing .UK Nameservers

  • Add or edit NS records in the DNS
  • Optionally A and AAAA records at the top level for glue records
  • Click Send, to send the changes to Nominet

In more detail

Add 2 (or more) NS records pointing to the name of your nameserver.

The Hostname part is blank. The Type is NS. The Value is the hostname of your nameserver.

Optionally, you can create glue records by creating A and AAAA records:

You can use A+Reverse and AAAA+Reverse if you also want us to create PTR records.

Click the Send button to send this to Nominet Nameserver3-send.png

Changing Nameservers for non .UK Domains

Please contact sales.