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Our control pages let you manage the DNS for your domains.

There are various type of DNS records that you can add

  • A (IP address)
  • A+reverse
  • MX 10
  • MX 20
  • MX 30
  • MX 40
  • MX 50
  • AAAA (IP6)
  • AAAA+reverse
  • PTR
  • LOC
  • FTP password
  • NS (Name server)
  • TXT
  • SRV
  • IAX2
  • H.323
  • SIP
  • DS

Notes on specific record types

A+Reverse, AAAA+Reverse

The A and AAAA reverse types are a special case, we use these to create PTR records automatically


The FTP Password is nothing to do with DNS, instead it sets the password on the domain if we are providing web services.

txt Records

txt records are a max of 255 characters in DNS. If you need to have longer than 255 characters, then on the control page you can quote separate sections, for example:

Value:   "part1" "part2" "part3"

This is useful for long txt records, such as DKIM data, for example:

e.g. Dns-txt.png

You can include a quote with: \"

SRV Records

The format of the 'host' part of a SRV record is:

The format of the 'value' of an srv record would be in the format of:

priority weight port host 

More information on Wikipedia


The srv record relating to a Microsoft Exchange service
The srv record used for the AAISP SIP Service, pointing to two possible hosts

You can test your SRV record using 'dig' or 'nslookup' on the command line, eg:

$ dig +short srv
$ nslookup -type=srv

DNS Records with Errors

We will point out common problems and errors if invalid records are created. In this case, we'll highlight the record in red and will add a note with details.

Dns-error-1.png Dns-error-2.png

Other DNS Pages

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