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Email on Apple Mail

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These notes are based on version 11.2 (January 2018)

When Mail is first started it will ask for your email account type, click 'Other Mail Account…' and follow these notes:

If adding a new mail account to Mail, then go to: Mail - Add Account… - Other Mail Account - Continue... and follow these notes

Name and address
Server settings
  1. Click Other mail account, then Continue
  2. Enter in your Name, email address and password, click Sign in.
  3. It may give an error, that's fine, set some more settings:
    1. Account Type: IMAP (or POP if you prefer)
    2. Username: your full email address
    3. Incoming mail server:
    4. Outgoing mail server:
    5. Click Sign in
    6. Untick 'Notes' if you don't need to use this account for notes.

Email should now work.

Apple mail doesn't ask for security settings but it should work out what to do itself automatically.

Note: Some Apple Mail App version default to emptying the Trash folder after 1 week. You may want to set this to Never in Account Settings