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With FTTC, BT will supply and install a VDSL modem (the Active NTE in BT speak), You will then need a PPPoE device (router or software) to use the service.

  • PPPoE Service Name = Blank
  • PPPoE username = as supplied, eg x@a.1
  • PPPoE password = as supplied
  • MTU = 1500 (if your equipment can handle baby jumbo frames and RFC 4638), otherwise 1492
  • Auth Protocol CHAP

FTTC Modem

Here is an image of a BT supplied FTTC modem

FTTC Modem.png

The modem is supplied by BT, if it develops a fault then AAISP can contact BT and report a fault.

If the sync light flashes, then there is no sync, and will probably need to be reported as a fault.

Billion 7800 Notes

The Billion 7800 is a popular router with our customers, but take note that when configuring the WAN side, it may need a reboot when changing the WAN type (ADSL/eWAN), and then a reboot when changing the WAN Profile.

FireBrick 2700

The Firebrick 2700 is a great router for FTTC, and even bonding FTTC. See the FireBrick pages for more info