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With FTTC, BT will supply and install a VDSL modem (the Active NTE in BT speak), You will then need a PPPoE device (router or software) to use the service.

  • PPPoE Service Name = Blank
  • PPPoE username = as supplied, eg x@a.1
  • PPPoE password = as supplied
  • MTU = 1500 (if your equipment can handle baby jumbo frames and RFC 4638), otherwise 1492
  • Auth Protocol CHAP

FTTC Modem

Here is an image of a BT supplied FTTC modem

FTTC Modem.png

The modem is supplied by BT, if it develops a fault then AAISP can contact BT and report a fault.

If the sync light flashes, then there is no sync, and will probably need to be reported as a fault.

Router Throughput

With the switch to FTTC (especially from low sync'd ADSL connections) your modem is suddenly confronted with throughput possibly 10 or even 20 times more than before!

Router Sync Speed Throughput Notes
Linksys WRTU54G-TM 24Mb ~18Mb/sec Running OpenWRT trunk from here. Disconnected PPP due to link saturation at default settings - adjust PPP options for stability
Netgear WNR854T 24Mb 24Mb Running OpenWRT 10.03 (Backfire). Probably capable of more - have asked BT to move cabinet closer, but they seem unwilling!


  • Green throughput - not bottleneck on connection
  • Red throughput - bottleneck on connection

Billion 7800 Notes

The Billion 7800 is a popular router with our customers, but take note that when configuring the WAN side, it may need a reboot when changing the WAN type (ADSL/eWAN), and then a reboot when changing the WAN Profile.

FireBrick 2700

The Firebrick 2700 is a great router for FTTC, and even bonding FTTC. See the FireBrick pages for more info