FireBrick 2700 Configuration

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This page describes editing the XML directly. The Firebrick does have a Web User Interface too. Both can be used to edit the config, as they edit the same underlying XML.

These instructions are mostly applicable to the 2500 too. The difference between the 2700 and the 2500 is that:

  • The 2700 has a USB port so supports 3G fallback, the 2500 does not have a USB port.
  • The 2700 has faster throughput - 350Mb/s on the 2700 compared to 100Mb/s on the 2500.

Factory Default Config

The default config of a FireBrick looks like this:

Config Run Through


The FireBrick uses XML version 1.0 and UTF-8 encoding:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


FireBrick is running Factory release 1.31.000 (Janus):

<config xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" 
timestamp="2014-08-08T09:00:00Z" patch="19726">

Complete Config Example