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The Home::1 tariff is an ideal tariff for home users who want a simple fixed-usage service from AAISP. More details as to what is offered and the pricing can be found on the main website:


The Home::1 has a quota amount per month, either 150GB, 250GB, or 350GB. When the quota is reached various things could happen such as the line being blocked, the service set to go slow or for the system to automatically apply a 50GB top up (and charge for it) More details below...

The 1TB tariff is different - you cannot top up or block the line, nor can you balance quota between multiple lines; instead, they go slow automatically when the quota is used up.

How to Change the monthly quota

Please contact Sales who will be happy to do this for you. A change in tariff would take effect from the following calendar month.

Topping up before the quota runs out

Top up button

If the top up Action is set to Slow or Block, then when you have less than 50GB remaining a Top up button will be shown on the Control Page. Clicking this will add 50GB and will invoice for it. Any unused usage from a top up is carried over to the next month.

The top up is paid for by a separate Direct Debit and lasts to the end of the following month, or until used up.

Click to Access the Control Pages

Accessing This Feature

Access is via the Control Pages as follows:

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the line you want to topup
  3. Click on the Top Up button

How to view remaining Quota

It can be viewed from the control pages, and also by viewing the front page of the main web site from your Home::1 line, it will look a little like this:

Remaining quota

The figure on the homepage is a real time counter of the usage, this may differ slightly from the stats on the Control Pages as the control pages uses data that is only updated hourly.

Usage Tracking

On the control pages we show your upload and download usage by hour, day, month and more - see the Usage page for more details.

Quota Warnings

We can send an email when the quota reaches a certain point. You can edit this on the Control Pages

Quota warn option

Quota Top up Options

The Control Pages will show you your quota, and remaining usage as well as a couple of options that you can set.

Home ::1 Quota settings on Control Pages
Description of Quota Actions
Action What happens when Quota reached How to top up
Block You will be redirected to our portal From our portal you can purchase Top up
Slow The line speed will be capped, the speed depends on the tariff. For 100GB users the slow mode will now be around 330kb/s and for 200GB users it will be around 660kb/s. The idea is that at that speed you could not use the whole of the coming month's quote even flat out. Usage during this time will come out of next month's quota. You can top up from the Control Pages (see below)
Auto-bill When the quota is reached, the system will issue a 50GB top up and will invoice for it. (Mandatory for bonded/multi line services) n/a (It's automatic)

Quota on Bonded/Multi-line Home::1 Lines


The Home::1 tariff is usually for a single line, but we do allow multiple lines on a Home::1 tariff.

Multiple lines on Home::1 are set to Auto Bill - this will allow balancing to work. The monthly quota is only applied to Line 1, and automatic balancing will ensure that the additional lines are automatically topped up as needed from the quota on line 1. In other words, the monthly quota (eg 200G) is set on Line one, and then then shared across the other line(s).


Quota is calculated per-line, but shared between all lines in a bonded set. There is a process called "balancing", which takes the total quota for the bonded set, and splits it equally between the lines in the set.

When your quota is reset at the beginning of each month, the balancing process runs; if you have 2 lines and 100GB quota, each line will get 50GB quota assigned.

Whenever a line in the set runs out of quota, balancing is run again to take quota from lines that haven't yet run out and pass it to the lines that have run out.

From a user's perspective, this means that you don't get auto topped-up until you have completely run out of quota across your set of lines. However, there can be confusing states where (e.g.) you have a total of 25GB quota left, shown to you as line 1 having 20GB quota and line 2 having 5GB quota. Don't panic; when the line with 5GB quota runs out of quota completely, balancing will kick in and adjust the situation.

In our example case, if asymmetric speeds and/or per-line IPv6 routing means that you use 10GB on line 1, and 5GB on line 2, you'll hit the point where you have one line with 10GB quota and another line with 0GB quota. Balancing will detect this, and rearrange so that you have 5GB per line. If you then use 5GB on line 1 and 1 GB on line 2, balancing will kick in again, and give you 2GB per line. This will continue until you run out of quota, and then the auto-bill will kick in and will top-up the quota.

If you apply a top-up before you run out of quota, this is only applied to one line. The expectation is that balancing will spread the top-up among your lines as needed.