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We testing with a machine on our office network (and also on ADSL lines) how our services would work just using just native IPv6. We used an apple laptop, and disabled IPv4 and enabled IPv6. -we suspect similar results on an ADSL line - we'll test this later on. We want to ensure that all our services work over IPv6. This page has our progress and notes.

Here are some of the results:


  • IPv6 Access to Services provided by AAISP
    • Web page browsing to aa.net.uk (Firefox)
    • AAISP email services:
      • Incoming SMTP
      • Customer outbound email (smtp.aa.net.uk, with Thunderbird)
      • POP3/IMAP servers (customers receiving email) (imap on Apple Mail App)
      • AAISP Webmail
    • AAISP Web servers:
      • Customer web server (www-server.co.uk)
      • AAISP Billing System pages
      • AAISP WIKI
      • Clueless Control Pages
      • http://www.loopsofzen.co.uk (an IPv6 only web site)
      • Status page (status.aa.net.uk) - it's on a different network in Amsterdam and has IPv6
    • NTP - time.aa.net.uk
    • Customer IRC Server (hosted by a third party)
    • DNS Servers:
      • Customer resolvers
      • Authoritative nameservers (primary-dns.co.uk / secondary-dns.co.uk
    • VoIP
      • The VoIP platform support IPv6
      • Some phones support IPv6 too
    • AAISP Ticketing System (email based)
    • FireBrick
      • FireBrick 2500, 2700 and 6000 all support IPv6 by default
  • IPv6 access to other resources on the Internet
    • Pinging www.google.com (ping6)
    • Web sites
      • Web page browsing to thinkbroadband.com (not forums though, as they are not yet IPv6 enabled (March 2011))
      • Web page browsing to google.co.uk
      • Web page browsing to revk.www.me.uk
    • Gmail (using Thunderbird)

There will be lots of other places...

Not Working (yet)

  • AAISP Ideas site (this is run by a third party though we have requested it)


On 6 June 2014 there is a campaign to turn off IPv4 for the day! see: secure.avaaz.org

How to do IPv6 Only

Some notes:

  • Sometimes it's easier just to turn IPv4 off on the computer
  • You will lose access to some sites if they don't have IPv6


Tested IPv6 only configurations

A&A BT FTTC - Openreach Modem - FireBrick 2700 - Apple Computer

IPv6 NAT64 gateway

AAISP provide an IPv6 to IPv4 gateway, which allows one to connect to the IPv4 world from an IPv6-only machine. To use this, simply change the DNS server addresses to 2001:8b0:6464::1 and 2001:8b0:6464::2

Note that the IPv6 router advertisements from your router may still broadcast the normal DNS server addresses.

How to test

We have 2 IP test web pages:

Each will return your corresponding IP address.

If you get bored looking for IPv6 websites, there is always http://loopsofzen.co.uk to keep you occupied.