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TLS: enabled and enforced
TLS: enabled and enforced
Channel: #A&A
Channel: #A&A
Port: 6697
Web-based client:
Web-based client:

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Internet Relay Chat (irc) is a simple on-line live chat system. It allows text messages to be posted and read in channels. There is a chat channel for A&A customers which can be very useful for getting advice and contacting support staff in or out of normal hours.

Server Details

Server: irc.aachat.net
TLS: enabled and enforced
Channel: #A&A
Port: 6697

Web-based client: https://webirc.aa.net.uk

Getting Our Attention

Staff do take part in the IRC channel, but it can be quite lively from time to time. Staff generally have names starting AA-.

It helps to say 'staff tech', 'staff sales' or 'staff accounts' as this will flag up to people in those departments that you need help.

Personal & Confidential Information

It is important to know that the IRC servers are purposefully not run by Andrews & Arnold Ltd, chat and even private messages can be logged (even if you use SSL to the server). Therefore, do not use IRC to send confidential information such as passwords etc. as they can be read by other people.

Using the Web based IRC Client


Pop along to: https://webirc.aa.net.uk

Pick a nickname, and then click Start. You will then be in the main IRC Channel with all the other staff and customers. At this point you may ask for staff or simply ask a question to whole channel.

Private Messages

It is often better to send a private message to a member of staff rather than posting your details to the main channel where everyone can read it. You can send someone a Private message by clicking on their name and selecting message:

Click a person to Message them

This will open a'tab' where you can talk directly with that person. If someone sends you a PM, a tab will appear on your side. You can then switch between the Private Message tab (AA-Shaun) and the main Channel (#A&A)

You then have Tabs

When you get a new Private Message a number will appear next to that persons name in the tab, e.g.:

New Private Message

If you use the web client a lot, then you may wish to enable 'Desktop Notifications' if your browser supports it. This is a setting found under the 'cog' icon on the top/right.