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You can then use our https://ip.help.me.uk page to show your IP address - which should be the one we've asigned you.
==Note: Port forwarding on some 'Mobile Broadband' routers==
We have reports from a few customers who are using 4G/5G mobile data routers for 'mobile broadband' that whilst they do support L2TP they do not appear to port forward the static IP on the L2TP. The web UI suggests that portforwarding can be configured, but this seems to only portforward the IP address on the mobile data connection and not the IP address on the L2TP connection. We suggest that customers should report this as a bug to the supplier/manufacturer of the router. This can have an impact on using our L2TP service as these routers will be restircting the capabilities (ie portporwarding). A work-around is to to a separate ethernet router on your LAN to establish the tunnel.