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L2TP Starlink

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Starlink is a satellite-based internet service and is initially provided without IPv6 and uses CGNAT for IPv4.

We have customers using our L2TP service over their Starlink, and the initial reports are that:

  • Speed is good (especially compared to their slow DSL service)
  • Latency is OK - about 40-50ms, but there are some latency spikes (shown as green on the graph below)
  • Slight packetloss (shown as red on the graph below)
  • Overall - worth it!

Our L2TP service enables the Starlink customer to have static, public, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Here is a graph from an L2TP service:

L2TP over Starlink - showing slight packet loss and some latency spikes

Note: This feedback based a very small number of connections (2 as of April 2021!), so the service may vary/improve depending on location and as Starlink add more satellites.