Migrating to TalkTalk Wholesale

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There are areas in the UK where we have customers on BTs old 20CN service who can migrate to TalkTalk Wholesale and upgrade to ADSL2+.

FAQ For Customers Migrating to Talk Talk

Why Move from BT's 20CN Service?

From June 2013 we are moving customers who are currently on BT's 20CN ADSL service to TalkTalk Wholesale's ADSL2+ service. The benefit of TalkTAlk Wholesale over BT's 20CN service are:

  • More usage for the same money - Units on TalkTalk Wholesale give you twice the usage at peak times when compared with 20CN
  • In most cases customers will get higher download speeds on ADSL2+ compared with ADSL.
  • Option of having Annex M for greater upload speeds.
  • More line options - We have manual control of the line profile settings.
  • The upgrade is free

How is the AAISP TalkTalk Wholesale service different to TalkTalk Retail?

It's very different! Just as BT Retail's DSL service is quite different to our BT Wholesale service!. We have multiple interconnects direct in to TalkTalk's Wholesale network, and your PPP connection terminates directly on our equipment in the same way as our BE Wholesale and BT Wholesale service does.

Rate Limiting & Filtering

We hear stories about TalkTalk retail performing rate limiting and filtering on their service, however this is not the case with our TalkTalk Wholesale service. We don't filter ports or web pages with our other services, the TalkTalk Wholesale service is the same. We have multiple links to TalkTalk and as always our aim is not to be the bottleneck. As with our other services, if there is congestion deep within the wholesale networks of our suppliers, then we will pursue that with them to get it resolved.

I have the 'Premium' Option, what happens on TT?

Customers with Premium will have Annex M enabled for faster upload speedswhen on TalkTalk Wholesale

Can I change back if it breaks?

We don't expect any problems with migrating customers to TalkTalk Wholesale, but as usual we will treat this on a case by case basis. Do contact us.

Will my IP addresses change


Will I need to make changes on my router?

No. - the login and other settings are the same between BT 20Cn and TalkTalk Wholesale