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  • There's a bug in 2.6.36,, that can cause a kernel panic when the link goes down (55c95e73, fixed in 2a27a03d)


  • Linux is capable of supporting RFC 4638 for an MTU of 1500 (or greater) over PPPoE
    • This is supported on BT FTTC
    • Kernel 2.6.34 is required to fix bugs with certain network cards and non-linear SKBs (ea8420e9, 19937d04)
    • pppd 2.4.6 is required for RFC 4638 support (this is in git but not yet released)

PPP Not coming back after a blip:

This was reported in IRC on Feb 6th 2011. If you get people saying their line didn't come back or their linux box crashed (as in kernel oopsed) after a blip, turns out there's a bug in the kernel pppoe code for 2.6.36 which has been hitting me. some kind of double free in the disconnect code causes a kernel panic. there's a patch here: http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-kernel/2010/12/3/4654538 which seems to work for me

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