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You'll need to use an ADSL or FTTC modem in bridge mode for this to work - see the page for your modem to see how to set that up.
This guide provides an example configuration for Debian Jessie., Whenbut partiallyit undershould underlargely Debianwork Bester,for therefuture wereversions. foundThis tohas been tested with Jessie, beStretch fewand issuesBuster.
= Prerequsites =
* a Linux PC with Debian Jessie already installed and two network interfaces - one for the connection to the modem, and one for the connection to your LAN
* a ADSL or FTTC modem, or a fibre ONT (for FTTP) (as appropriate for your connection)
* '''eth0''' is plugged directly into your modem or ONT
* '''eth1''' will be used for your LAN
Note that under BesterBuster, you can expect naming conventions for the interfaces to be different, you'll therefore have to pay close attention to updating the interface names as you follow the guide.
= Enabling IP forwarding =