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[[File:OPNsense IPv6 Working.png]]
[[File:OPNsense IPv6 Working.png]]
[[Category:3rd Party Routers|PFSense]]

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OPNsense Status Screen.png

Site: https://opnsense.org/download/

  • MultiWAN Load Balancing and Failover
  • OpenVPN Server and Client capability
  • IPsec tunnel support
  • SSH support and tcpdump access
  • QoS
  • NTP Server
  • Bandwidth / usage graphing

Setup with Andrews & Arnold with working IPv6

You need some way to get the BT / TalkTalk VDSL or DSL to your OPNsense box. The usual method would be an Openreach VDSL modem or similar device.

The following [WAN] interface settings seem to work ok for me. I'm no expert on OPNsense so any improvement to the wiki page and configuration instructions are welcome.

OPNsense Basic and Generic Configuration.png

OPNsense PPPoE configuration.png

OPNsense DHCPv6 client configuration.png

In the [LAN] section I couldn't seem to get it to automatically use details from the WAN.
The following worked.

OPNsense LAN Basic and Generic configuration.png

OPNsense IPv4 and IPv6 static lan configuration.png

In the above IPv6 setting screenshot I've got the router on IPv4 and used the ::2 as the LAN IPv6 IP as taken from my control.aa.net.uk page.

OPNsense where to find IPv6 details.png

The final step is to go to Services and then Router Advertisements then [LAN]. The following settings worked for me.

OPNsense Router Advertisements LAN settings.png

After a few minutes of applying the settings my computer could visit IPv6 websites!

OPNsense IPv6 Working.png