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Firmware Versions

  • Version was the factory default (as of November 2011)
  • Version is IPv6 enabled version, and was being used up to June 2012 and has since been replaced
  • Version 10.2.0.B has been used from June 2012
  • Version is available for newer models but has not been rolled out due to IPv6 not working correctly for some customers

AAISP are usually able to upgrade firmware remotely, please talk to Technical Support.

AAISP usually configure the router on their TR-069 server and run the upgrade before shipping, but some customers have been shipped trial-routers with the

Upgrading from is arranged by AAISP via the TR-069 CPE WAN Management protocol. This involves installing the "isp.def" as needed to persuade the router to connect to AAISP's TR-069 servers and asking AAISP to request the upgrade. Twice it has happened that the upgrade only partially completed, and it has been necessary to FTP to the router, re-uploading the isp.def, before it 'reports in' to AAISP correctly.

Firmware Upgrade via your TFTP server

In some cases, customers may want to upgrade their router manually, this can be done via TFTP or via a Windows program. Files available on request.

When setting up DHCPD, and example config is such:

host gateway {
hardware ethernet MAC:OF:YOUR:TECHNICOLOR;
next-server IP.OF.TFTP.SERVER;
filename "FIMWARE-FILE.rbi";
option tftp-server-name "DAN-T";

For a Firebrick:

<dhcp name="technicolor" ip="IP.GIVEN.TO.TECHNICOLOR" mac="589835 0876FF" boot="IP.OF.TFTP.SERVER" boot-file="FIMWARE-FILE.rbi">
  <send-string id="66" value="DANT-T"/>

To get the router to upgrade:

  1. Power it off
  2. Hold in the reset button
  3. Turn on the power
  4. Release reset button when power light turns orange (after 10 seconds ish)

It will take about 5 minutes.

Firmware Upgrade Via the Windows Software

Please Contact Support for files

  1. Unzip the file, eg to somewhere on your PC
  2. Put the .bin file into 'builds' folder in the 'TGUPGv7201' folder
  3. Run the setup application in TGUPGv7201
  4. Click Upgrade your Thomson gateway, then Next
  5. Select the .bin file and then click next
  6. The upgrade process will take 5-10 minutes.

Factory Reset

To factory reset a router configured by AAISP, the isp.def file will need deleting as this is not deleted when using the reset button. The isp.def file contains configuration details used by the AAISP TR069 server - as well as defining a default PPP username. The file can be deleted by FTP, eg:

user: Administrator
pass: blank
del isp.def

Then hold in the factory reset button (again) until it reboots.

Adding a isp.def File

Sometime you may need to upload an isp.def file from AAISP - there are separate isp.def files for ADSL and FTTC services. The files are simply FTP'd to the router, you may use a FTP gui program, or ftp the command line eg: FTP to the router:

Username: Administrator 
Password: <blank> (if reset) 
put isp.def 


del user.ini 

The user.ini file is the configuration file, so by deleting it you're factory resetting it after uploading the isp.def file.

If you do remove the user.ini file, then the router will be reset, but will have the config to talk to AAISPs TR069 server. There may be additional steps that AAISP still will need to do in order to set the router up at their end.

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