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Via TR069 AAISP can send new configs to the router and upgrade firmware.

Routers should be configured by AAISP to talk back to the AAISP TR069 server - this allows management of firmware and config by AAISP staff if required. Some older routers may not be set up correctly, and some routers on older firmware (v8) on Non natted connections may not be able to talk to the TR069 server due to a firmware bug. Routers with version 10 firmware are likely to be configured ok though. To View the TR069 settings, via telnet:

cwmp server config

Enabling/Disabling TR069

Disable TR069:

service system list


service system modify name=CWMP-S state=disabled
service system modify name=CWMP-C state=disabled

(S is to disable configuration changes, C is to disable firmware updates)

Enable it again:

service system modify name=CWMP-S state=enabled
service system modify name=CWMP-C state=enabled

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