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[ One would need a PPPoE to PPPoA bridge running on the external modem to get a 1500 octet MRU/MTU with PPPoE. ]
=Connecting to servers on the external modem=
In your author's case, there are still servers (HTTP, Telnet, SSH) running on the external modem - it has an RFC1912 address. It's very useful
to be able to connect to these servers from the LAN. There's already an Ethernet link to the external modem (it's carrying the PPPoE traffic),
so add an interface on eth_WAN to talk TCP/IP to the external modem:
:ip ifadd intf=ModemLink dest=eth_WAN
:ip ifconfig intf=ModemLink group=lan ipv6=disabled
:ip ifattach intf=ModemLink
and add an IP address on that interface. In this case the external modem is on
:ip ipadd intf=ModemLink addr= addroute=enabled
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