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Control Page

View of the SIP2SIM Settings screen
  • MO = Mobile Originating - calls/SMS from the SIM
  • MT = Mobile Terminating - SMS to the SIM

MO SIP hostname, MO SIP username, MO SIP password

These are the credentials we use to register to your SIP server. We will look up SRV records if there are any. (SRV records are able to specify the SIP port used, in this case we will try that port). We will try IPv6 and IPv4.

MO SMS URL and MT SMS Password

These are used for the sending and receiving of text messages, more information on SIP2SIM and SMS

Name, Address, Postcode

The subscriber's details.

Usage Warn, Monthly Limit

Warnings and limits for the service.

Suspend (Activate) and Re-register buttons

Used the suspend and reactivate the SIM. The re-register button will force us to re-register against the SIP credentials specified.

View Texts, CDR

You can view details of text messages and Call Detail Records.