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I have a slow FTTP connection

If your FTTP service is slow, eg a speed test is not reporting expected speeds, then try these:

  1. Use our speed test to check up and download speeds: - try tests at different times of the day as this can help track 'peak time congestion'
  2. Try a wired connection from your computer instead of WiFi to rule out any WiFi problems.
  3. Try a different computer/device
  4. Ensure the router is capable of the speed of the circuit - eg, maybe you have a 1G service but an older router?
  5. Check/swap the cable between the ONT (The Openreach unit that the fibre connects to) and your router - ensure it's a 8-wire CAT5 or CAT6 cable - not one with 4 wires as these will run at 100M and not 1G.
  6. Try a power cycle of the Openreach ONT
  7. Check the CQM Graphs, via the Control Pages, to see if it is slow due to lots of traffic.
  8. Try a laptop/PC plugged in to the Openreach ONT instead of your router - set up a new network connection of type PPPoE and use your xxx@a login and password to connect, and run a speed test.
  9. ...get in touch.

Always worth running a test, even if LOS light is off - there could be a problem further upstream and Openreach may already be aware or we'll need to report a fault:

  • Run a test:-
    1. Our Control Page will allow you to run an 'End to End' test, this may if Openreach's systems detect a fault, in which case, do get in touch. eg:
      GTC_FTTP_SERVICE_1005 Possible fault in the Openreach network.