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We started testing out this router Febin February 2017. Below are some notes.
==Default Settings==
[[Category:AA Routers]]
==Support for babyBaby Jumbo frames (1508)==
==Support for baby Jumbo frames (1508)==
This was a standard feature in the original BT supplied ECI and Huawei modems. This means that a PPP ethernet router which supports RFC 4638 can
run with an MTU of 1500.
We're not yet sure if the 7700NL8800NL supports andan MTU of 1508, but we have asked (FebFebruary 2017)
==PPP session ID cache bug 'packet accelerator'==
Broadcom chipset.
We're not yet sure if the 7700NL8800NL has this 'feature' enabled, but we have asked (FebFebruary 2017)

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