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VoIP Phones - SNOM 7xx

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The Snom 7xx Series includes the 710, 720 and 760. The hardware features across the range varies across the models, but the configuration is very similar.
=Phones and Versions Tested=
{| class="wikitable"
!colspan="3"|Snom 7xx Versions Tested
These are very similar to the Snom 3xx Series. Apart from the 'Identity' settings, no additional configuration is required.
|Your Password
=Example XML Configuration=
=Handy Config Tricks=
<vol_handset perm="R">9</vol_handset>
=Other Possibly Useful Settings=
*Turn off U.S. date format - In Preferences
*Turn off Advertisement - In Preferences
=XML Permission Flags=
*Also see the [[VoIP Security]] page for information about securing your VoIP service.
*We have a page about [[SNOM Firmware Updates]]
[[Category:VoIP Phones|Snom 7xx]]

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