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Config with Tunneled IPv6 Fallback
If using AAISP, then the options for IPv6 routing on the [[:Category:Control Pages|Control Pages]] allow an IPv6 block to be routed to a tunnel endpoint if the main routing (ie ADSL/FTTC) goes down. This means IPv6 can be routed to the 3G dongle if the main broadband(s) go down. The MTU will be limited though.
Here we have an example config, with default logging. Please make changes to suit your FireBrick setup. If your MTU is 1492 then use ra-mtu="1472" instead of ra-mtu="1480".
If your MTU is 1500 use this:
If your MTU is 1492 use this instead:
<interface name="LAN" port="LAN" ra-client="false">
<subnet ip="2001:8b0::1/64" ra="true" ra-other="dhcpv6" ra-mtu="1472" ra-dns="2001:8b0::2020 2001:8b0::2021"/>
<interface name="WAN" port="WAN" ra-client="false"/>
<ppp name="AAISP" port="WAN" username="me@a.1" password="secret" lcp-rate="1" lcp-timeout="5" graph="AAISP" log="default"/>
<dongle name="AAISP-BACKUP" apn="" username="me@a.3" password="secret" nat="false" graph="AAISP-BACKUP" log="default"/>
<route ip="::/0" gateway="" comment="IPv6 default route using IPv4 tunnel"/>
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