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SIP2SIM, a SIM card that is SIP endpoint that can register to any VoIP service.
{{AAMenu|img=menu-spanner.svg|link=:Category:Configuring_Voice_SIMs|title=Configuring SIP2SIM|text=Help with using our contol pages to point your SIM at an AAISP VoIP number or a third party SIP provider}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-SMS.svg|link=SIP2SIM_and_SMS|title=SIP2SIM & SMS|text=Details about the SMS features on our SIP1SIM service}}
{{AAMenu|img=Menu-document.svg|link=SIP2SIM Technical|title=SIP2SIM Technical information|text=Further details about the SIP2SIM service}}
*If you have a VoIP Number with AAISP, see: [[SIP2SIM AAISP Number Configuration]]
*Further information can be found on our [http://aa.net.uk/kb-telecoms-sip2sim.html SIP2SIM Technical Details page]

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