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One may wish to use the TG582n just as a router, and use an external ADSL or VDSL modem. In your author's case, the performance of the TG582n as aan ADSL modem
was found to be very poor (3.2km2 km from the exchange, 8km8 km from a very powerful Medium Wave transmitter) and a different modem was much better (part of
a modem/router which can't do IPv6...).
One could use the configuration wizard to setup the TG582n for FTTC, but some of the settings aren't appropriate for ADSL - and my intention is
to make it easy to switch back to the internal modem (although since doing this, I haven'tve neededonly to switchswitched back once!) and not lose my custom configuration.
=Sacrifice an Ethernet port=
:eth ifattach intf=eth_WAN
:eth ifconfig intf=eth_WAN wan=enabled priotag=disable
=For VDSL, create an interface with the appropriate VLAN=
BT's VDSL runs over a VLAN (101), and the Openreach modem (now discontinued)
and other modems expose the VLAN over the PPPoE link. So a 'shim' interface
is needed on the router to cope with the vlan.
:eth add vlan name=FTTx vid=101
:eth bridge vlan ifadd name=FTTx intf=virt untagged=disabled
:eth ifadd intf=eth_PPP
:eth ifconfig intf=eth_PPP dest=eth_WAN vlan=FTTx
:eth ifattach intf eth_PPP
=Switch PPP over to use this new interface=
One can't '''ppp ifconfig''' an interface which is administratively up, so one has to bring it down first. The ''dest'' field
should be ''eth_WAN'' for ADSL or ''eth_PPP'' for VDSL.
:ppp ifdetach intf=Internet
:ppp ifconfig intf=Internet dest=eth_WAN|eth_PPP mru=1492
:ppp menu
Select ''ifconfig'' and enter ''Internet'' as ''intf''. Change ''dest'' to ''eth_WAN'' and then ''OK'' out of the menu.
Then bring PPP back up:
:ppp ifattach intf=Internet
One can simply switch the ''dest'' field between ''atm_Internet'' and ''eth_WAN'' to change between internal and external modem.
The ''mru'' field sets the maximum received unit (the receiving equivalent of ''mtu''), and will probably need to be 1492 with
an external modem and 1500 with the internal modem.
=Get the front panel LEDs working correctly=
=Connect the external modem=
Disconnect the TG582n from the phone line, connect an Ethernet cable from port 4 on the TG482nTG582n to ones external modem, connect the external modem
to the phone line, and one should be back online.
:ip ipadd intf=ModemLink addr= addroute=enabled
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