This is the support site for Andrews & Arnold Ltd, a UK Internet provider. Information on these pages is generally for our customers but may be useful to others, enjoy!


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Most of our broadband and mobile packages are usage based. You can view the usage being used on the Control Pages in near real-time.

Monthly Usage

On the Control Pages there is a break down os the usage by month, this is shown as a table and as a graph. The table includes the 'uptime' of the line. The uptime is a percentage of the whole month and is based on our per-second monitoring of the line.

Example Monthly Usage shown in a table

Daily Usage

Also shown is the usage per day from the past 2 weeks or so... This table includes a Packet Ratio column. This is a ratio of packets sent and received from your line. This statistic isn;t overly useful, but may show of a line is being DOS'd. Typically, the figure would be around 100% +/- 30

[Usage-daily-table.png|none|frame|Daily usage ]