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A BT HomeHub has a built in VoIP Client that works as a DECT base station. This has been known to work with the AA VoIP Service.

Disable upnp

With upnp enabled, outbound calls worked, but not inbound. With upnp enabled, incoming failed and the log said:

FIREWALL icmp check (1 of 2): Protocol: ICMP  Src ip: Dst ip: Type: Destination Unreachable Code: Port Unreacheable

This was a setup, where the HomeHub was inside the network being NATed by another ADSL router. In this case, the HomeHub was only acting as a wifi access point and phone.

Firewall & Security

  • You will also want to set up firewall rules, as per the VoIP Firewall page.
  • Also see the VoIP Security page for information about securing your VoIP service.