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[[File:N300settings.png|thumb|click to view settings]]
On the web interface, go to:
Settings -> Telephony -> Edit 1, Show Advanced Settings
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Then you'll need to assign this account to a handset for incoming calls, this is set under
Settings -> Telephony -> Number Assignment
[[File:N300assignment.png|none|thumb|Number Assignment]]
Don't forget to secure the base station with a new PIN:
Settings -> Management -> Miscellaneous -> New Pin
In menu:
Settings -> Telephony -> Audio" select "Voice Quality -> Own Codec preference".
For "IP1" (Or whatever you call the AAISP account) remove all codecs except "G.711 a law". This setting will generally give the best audio quality.
If there are problems with recognition of DTMF tones by other systems consider setting "RFC2833" and avoid using "Audio". in the setting:
Settings -> Telephony -> Advanced Settings -> RFC2833
Check that the Number Plan/Assignment is set to use the VoIP rather than the fixed (pstn) line:
Set the Tone Pattern to be UK:
Settings -> Management -> Local Settings -> Tone Pattern=United Kingdom
You may want to remove, or edit, the 'Info Services' - this is the information such as weather and so in that can be displayed on the screen: