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The web server does not automatically produce a directory index, i.e. a list of files in a directory if there is no index page. However, it is simple to add a directory index to a directory using a simple script. If you load the following as index.html then it will produce a simple directory index for the directory it is in. Obviously a much more sophisticated script could be written with icons, and sub directories, and so on, and there may be such scripts available on the web in perl.

 echo "Content-Type: text/html"
 echo ""
 echo "<HTML>"
 echo "<H1>Directory listing of $REQUEST_URI/</H1>"
 echo "<PRE>"
 foreach f (*)
 echo -n "<A HREF='$f'>*</A> "
 /bin/ls -l "$f"

or download: File:Directory index.zip

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